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Train the course safely on Strava

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Let’s get training! While we’re putting the finishing touches on the course, we’ve put together some course segments for you to safely test out. These will give you a great idea of where the course will go, but they’ll keep you off any busy roads until race day.

100 and 60-mile training routes

L'Étape San Antonio Training Route West | 68.9 km Road Cycling Route on Strava

L'Étape San Antonio Training Route Scenic Loop | 65.9 km Road Cycling Route on Strava

25-mile training route

L'Étape San Antonio 25-Mile Training Route | 39.5 km Road Cycling Route on Strava

Note: Your safety is the most important thing for us. That’s why we’re working with both Tour de France experts and a local, San Antonio course crew (shout out to Jelly and Jam Racing) to create a fun, SAFE course. And, on race-day, there’ll be lots of safety features in place. You’ll

  • be on closed or partially-closed roads, or separated from traffic by a cone line with vehicles travelling at reduced speeds,

  • have moto’s and SAG (support and gear) vehicles all throughout the course, slowing down traffic,

  • have a police presence at significant crossings, and

  • have other traffic management measures throughout.

Join the club

Train with the L'Étape San Antonio club today!

San Antonio, Texas Club | L'Etape San Antonio by Tour de France on Strava

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