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Choose Your Challenge 2022

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

10% off to get you in!

2022 is going to be … something? Based on the past two years, we actually have no idea what 2022 is going to be. But, YOU can make it a great year, by challenging yourself with L’Étape San Antonio by Tour de France. At the start of this new year, we’re challenging you to Choose Your Challenge! L’Étape San Antonio is a mass, participation cycling event for EVERYONE! You don’t need to be a cycling pro to participate, just someone with a bike and a teeny tiny bit of motivation. L’Étape San Antonio has something for everyone so your biggest challenge is up to you.

If you have a COVID bike, a Christmas bike, a dusty bike, or a dream-of-a-bike—L’Étape San Antonio is the perfect push to get you riding it. Four months to train—works out perfectly!

So, to give you a little extra incentive to get registered, we’ve got discounts all month! But, they’re decreasing discounts. You can’t overthink it—you just gotta do it!

  • January 1st to 9th: Get 10% off your registration

  • January 10th to 16th: Get 7.5% off

  • January 17th to 23rd: Get 5% off

  • January 24th to 31st: Get 5% off

Choose you in 2022! Register today using the code NEWYEARSA at checkout.

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