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L'Étape Stories: Meet Eric

L'Étape San Antonio might seem new, different, and even intimidating—but we really do have something for every cyclist. L'Étape San Antonio Stories will introduce you to fellow riders, all with different cycling origin stories, cycling abilities, and cycling ambitions. This series might just make you think "I can too." First up, meet Eric!

Cyclist: Eric Duplantis

Cycling team: Cyclones Cycling Club

L’Étape San Antonio distance: 100 miles

Eric started cycling to help get healthy. Along the way, he found a cycling community,

sustainable fitness, and a way to chase some personal goals. 

“In July of 2018, at 310lbs, I made the decision to change my diet to get healthy. A short

8 months later and 115lbs down, I decided to get a hybrid bicycle to incorporate more

exercise into my day to keep the weight off. At first, a 5-mile ride was very hard for me.

As I ventured into group rides, I knew I wanted more of what cycling had to offer! I set

my sights on riding a century (100-mile ride) and started to work hard towards my goal.

By September of 2019, I completed a century and was riding with the Level A group in

San Antonio's local Cyclones Cycling Club. Through hard work on the bike and proper diet, I am

presently 150lbs from where I started and riding as a member for the Cyclones Racing


I’ve set my focus on the upcoming L'Étape San Antonio! I’m training to complete

the 100-mile distance and accomplish some personal goals. From a very inactive

person, to becoming an athlete at almost 50 years old—proof that anyone can do this!”

Inspired? Ready to join Eric in the 100-miler? Register today.

Have a L'Étape Story you want to share? Contact us at

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