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L'Étape San Antonio swag

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Check out this year's race swag! What do you think?

  • T-shirt: Why are you racing? For glutes, goals and a good t-shirt! Race in the first-ever L'Étape San Antonio and get the first-ever finisher t-shirt.

  • Buff: Whether you call it a gaiter or a buff, you're going to look good. Or, if you look bad, no one will be able to see your face under your L'Étape San Antonio buff.

  • Water bottle: L''Étape San Antonio water bottles are great for hydrating annnd bragging about the 100-miles you raced last week.

  • Bag: Custom-design, drawstring bag holds all your weekend goodies and it can hold a personal best time too

How do you get these goodies! Register today.

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